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Name: Jill Palumbo

Age: 13

Sex: female

Race: white

Religion: idk

Zodiac Sign: leo

Grade: 8th

Eyes: blue or greem

Hair: short and brown with light brown streaks

Height: 5'


Describe your clothing: ummm mostly jeans, and i wear shirts, usually tight shirts, idk i dont really have a style. sometimes i wear band shirts.

Friends: idk i have a bunch of  friends, only like 3 or 4 that i hang out with.

Taste in Movies: anime, horror, comedy

Taste in people:  i like asshole people who make fun of everybody, with a "fuck you" type of attitude. i get alond with the punks, the ghetto kids, the preps, i hate anyone who fucks with me

Hobbies: smokin, drinkin, hangin out, goin to town, partying, goin to shows, sittin my ass down on the computer

Obsessions: total chaos, boys, porn hah its just for fun

Habbits: i say fuck a lot, i started gettin drunk almost every night since i found out my ex was talkin shit, he really fucked me up

Confessions: I LIKE SMELLING LIKE SHIT!! i cheated on my ex with 2 diff people, in 2 days. i keep doin shit with this kid i dont even like.

Favorite Books: nigger

Favorite Movies: the lion king, teenage mutant ninja turtles II

Favorite Video Games: FF series, specifically VII

Abortion:  no man that shits fucked up. its ur fuckin fault ur pregnant, DEAL WITH IT, dont kill the fuckin thing

Sexism: no i think its funny, like sexist jokes, but its fucked up if someone says "no ur a girl"

Racism: nah, again its funny, but discriminating is bad

Homosexual Marriage: omg YES!!!! MARRIAGE IS LOVE

Anything Else

mom, i smoke pot

i need new shoes

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