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Form (i like smelling like shit)

Name: Hannah L. Nye

Age: 16

Sex: Female

Race: White

Religion: None

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Grade: Freshman (9)


Eyes: Hazil

Hair: purple-brown-blondish-crap

Height: 5 one and a half



Describe your clothing: black hoodie all the time, PJ pants, UFO pants, pig hot pink star pants.. thats about it.. my clothing is iogvoi.

Friends: Lots. My friends are weirdos.. fuck ups... and uuhm crazy. Yeah well you know that saying.. birds of a feather flock together. Eh?

Taste in Movies: Fantasy, drama, children, anime

Taste in people: Friendly, weird, out-going, mofos, fun.. i dont know..

Hobbies: Drawing.. computer.. making an ass of myself.. arguing.. making stories up.. other stuff

Obsessions: Lets face it.. Calvin... uuhm crayons.. ducks.. muse.. modest mouse...

Habbits: Nail biting

Confessions: I used to kill salamanders.

Favorite Books: Harry potter series, wheel of time series, dragon lance chronicles, other books that aren't series

Favorite Movies: Harry potter ones, lord of the rings trilogy, donnie darko, requiem for a dream, fight club, pirates of the caribbean, whale rider, dont say a word, american beauty, spirited away, dogville, dogma, one flew over the cookoos nest, others

Favorite Video Games: FF series, Kingdom Hearts, Mario Party, Harvest moon, smash bros 1 + super, others

For Or Against (Give reasons you asses)

Abortion: Against, you can give away your child to an adoption center, hospital, family. You can find ways to support it and all that jazz. You CANT take its life though.. that's horible. I mean even if you're raped... its not the damn fetus' fault! Give it to a hospital or something, don't kill it.

Sexism: It's funny when people are some what sexist, or make sexist jokes.. but like.. I dont think it's funny when it's on an extreme level. Im kind of in the middle for this one, don't care either way.

Racism: NO NO NO. Jeez, what gives anyone the right to make fun of some one else soley because of where they come from? Or their color? Or their life styles? Its sickening.

Homosexual Marriage: YES. Marriage is NOT about you're sex, its about love. So there mofos.

»Anything Else?
Sometimes I like to spin in circles untill I feel nusious. Yeap.

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