Name: Amanda




Religion: seomthing

Zodiac Sign:aquairues



Eyes:hazel and green

Hair:blonde, red, dirty blonde

Height: 5'3" or somethign like that

Picture: (Optional, but much appreciated)


Describe your clothing:black, pink, stuff from hot topic

Friends:hannah katie nikki sarah other people

Taste in Movies: scarey, comdey (not titles. I mean genres.)

Taste in people:um......idk any one i can get along with andthat hangs out with me (Describe people you get along with)


Obsessions: jimmy aka sexy stoner my husbands

Habbits: my computer room and my room

Confessions: not sure

Favorite Books:um......scary story books

Favorite Movies:gothika jeepers creepers 1 and 2 the jerk

Favorite Video Games:final fanasty 11 and kingdom hearts

For Or Against (Give reasons you asses)

Abortion:ummm......not sure it's there choice not mine cause i would never do it! b/c i'm a girl and a guy better not be ruling my life guys sucks just as much as girls

Racism:againist you should judge people on there skin color that's just fucked up

Homosexual Marriage: of course people should be able to marry who they want to marry! it shouldn't be the governments choice
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